Rangers will go on, with or without Steven Gerrard

Rangers will go on, with or without Steven Gerrard
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 21: Rangers fans are seen during the UEFA Europa League group A match between Rangers FC and Brondby IF at Ibrox Stadium on October 21, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

All this Steven Gerrard to Villa talk, whether it does happen or not, does unearth a serious question. Who DOES replace the gaffer when it is his time to move on, be that now or the future?

If we’re honest, there’s quite a few candidates out there to take the reins, with GVB and Frank de Boer two very obvious candidates, along with, yes, Ibrox Noise’s old favourite, Tommy Wright.

Not to mention a certain other St Johnstone boss who’s worked miracles at McDiarmid.

Old friend Rino Gattuso is out of work as well…

The point is whether Steven Gerrard remains as Rangers manager, or leaves, life does go on, Rangers go on, and at some point we will need to replace him.

And the hysteria we’re seeing from some fans begging the man to stay implies a desperation that we really don’t reconcile with at all from typical Bears.

One comment on our social media platforms summed it up – ‘nothing to say, not begging him to stay, just thank you for the memories and all the best’.

We agree with this – Rangers are bigger than one man, and Gerrard, while a God in Glasgow for giving us 55 and stopping *10IAR, we cannot be so dependent on one man that we fall apart without him.

Whatever happens from here on in, Rangers keep going – with or without Steven Gerrard.

If he thinks it’s time to leave, best wishes. If he turns them down, great, we keep him and continue on.

Is that really an unfair stance to have?

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  1. Announce De Boer on Saturday, and we can finally forget about SG, his time is finished in Glasgow, took us as far as we can, time for a fresh start

  2. Mr Gerrard always stated every player has a price,looks like this includes him too,
    All the best

  3. De Boer no way. Complete failure wherever he has managed 6 games at Crystal Palace before being binned.

    Van Bronckhorst had terrific success at Feyenoord and would fit the bill as for McInnes not ever not even for one game.

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