Rangers’ seven players who can change the game v Sparta

Rangers’ seven players who can change the game v Sparta
The team as it was in Prague (Credit Rangers FC)

And up next are Slavia Prague’s BFF Sparta Prague, whose history with racism we know all too well.

Anyway, this is meant to be a football match. So the best way to make a statement is to beat them.

But, this is where reality hits the fan…

As we have seen, anything is possible in football.

Arrogant players can come out and not put in the effort, and find themselves three goals down in thirty minutes.

And not helping your teammates can put you out of Europe.

As we have said, the two Pragues are not world beaters.

All they do is the compact press, which creates massive gaps that a quick team, a team with a solid midfield can easily take advantage of.

We have already played against some of the best teams in Europe, teams that are far better than Sparta Prague, and shown we can win, and if Giovanni can get our mid-three working as a unit again, we can finally get our front three working to their full potential.

Being blunt, the job of our strikers and wingers should be to cause havoc in the final third.

Ryan Kent shouldn’t be dragging the ball 40 yards up the park, just to get to entry gate.

Morelos shouldn’t be working midfield and running the wings.

They should be doing it in the final 10 yards and bursting the net.

Football is not rocket science.

If players do things that make opponents react, we win.

If our players react to how Sparta Prague play, we lose.

That is why just one player can make a difference.

It is the player that does things different.

The player that can cause gaps, by dragging opponents out of position.

I can always remember Porto changing their tactics for the second game against us, coz we caused havoc on the wings, and that just left us space in the middle.

Tomorrow we have to do the same against Sparta.

Rediscover the quick fast ball, which we know all our players can play.

I call it panic football, where you see the fear in your opponents, because they don’t know what you are going to do next.

Rangers can win this game.

We have the players who have the ability cause panic. Ryan Kent, Nathan Patterson, Calvin Bassey, Roofe, Aribo, Arfield, and Sakala, they all have the ability to do something different.

That’s seven players that can change a game.

We just need to play as a team…

Today, there is no point talking about our opponent.

This is about us.

It has always been about us.

Tomorrow we need to win…

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