Rangers put foot down amidst escalating row with BT

Rangers put foot down amidst escalating row with BT
LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 13: BT Sport pundit Peter Crouch looks on prior to the Premier League match between Fulham and Manchester City at Craven Cottage on March 13, 2021 in London, England. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Adam Davy - Pool/Getty Images)

Rangers have put their foot down with BT Sport amidst an escalating row between both organisations over the position of pundit Chris Sutton.

The sports broadcaster released a statement midweek explaining they refused to buckle to Rangers’ demands over Sutton’s eligibility, and stuck by their man, choosing to relocate to Celtic Park for the Rangers match v Prague.

It all boils down to Rangers refusing Sutton (and Lennon) entry to Ibrox on the basis of being unable to secure their safety in the face of a few bampots in our support, who, let’s face it, could well sully the club’s name if they got anywhere near Sutton in particular.

Are Rangers right? And is this the real reason?

Yes and no. And yes and no.

Rangers have 100% discretion on who they allow in Ibrox. Chris McLaughlin, various DR personnel and many others have been banned for exploiting the club or deliberately provoking it, just like Andy Walter is banned from Celtic Park (and indeed Ibrox).

Indeed, Walker’s ban from both stadiums isn’t ever mentioned in the media at all, just the Rangers stuff, and we wonder why that is…

Equally, if we’re honest, Sutton probably would get heckled by some idiots in our fanbase, just because of the pure trolling he’s done against the club for easily a decade now.

Would YOU want him in our home?

Rangers have every right to reject entry to whoever they like.

If BT aren’t happy about it, they need to consider more carefully who they employ.

And why.

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  1. Fuck Sutton and Lennon and that other piece of garbage (another red top) in the form of Michael Stewart, I’m happy that neither will be back in Ibroz

  2. Sutton Is a Complete waste of skin, Lennon and Stewart are Not much better, Fuck them all and Keep them Out of Our Beloved Ibrox,

  3. PMSL ” a few bambots” 99% of our fan base have no use for Sutton nor Lennon. Keep them away, they’re not wanted or needed on our sacred property. WATP

  4. Sutton just likes to wind up Gers fans, just like Kris Boyd does to Sceptic fans, Sutton actually winds up Sceptic fans too, as he just can’t help himself and it gets him media attention, Lennon however is nothing more than a bigot and an arrogant wee shit. Rangers have the right to ban whoever they want and as for BT, they can go and take a jump, who are they to dictate to our Club? To put it simply, WATP ❤️🤍💙

  5. Where does it end tho, ban all pundits who say anything critical of Rangers?- This is not the USSR and BT and others put significant amounts into our game and frankly having 2 ex players commenting on our game from Parkhead was embarrassing. Stewart as an example in my opinion is interesting to listen to+ he has a hearts bias of course but we all factor that into his comments.

    • Significant? I don’t think so. We get a pittance compared to English football. Indeed if Sky and BT Sport pulled out(they won’t) it might be a disaster for Scottish football but Rangers could probably make more from their own TV coverage. The 4 Old Firm games alone would pull in multi millions for both clubs.

  6. Sutton is a prick. Personally anything that ends “says Chris Sutton” I will completely pass over. I am not interested in anything he has to say. Of course if he is on TV then I can’t do much about it. What we need is Rangers minded panellists to challenge him on the nonsense he spouts. Banning him gives him publicity and a sense of self importance.

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