Parma ‘haunts’ Gers as Gio runs rampant at Ibrox

Parma ‘haunts’ Gers as Gio runs rampant at Ibrox
25 Aug 1999: Giovanni van Bronckhorst of Rangers celebrates victory over Parma in the UEFA Champions League qualifying third round second leg match at the Stadio Tardini in Parma, Italy. Mandatory Credit: Clive Brunskill /Allsport

Echoes of the past came back to ‘haunt’ Rangers as GVB’s maiden bow at Ibrox as manager ended in complete success.

The 2-0 win over continental opponents was an exact mirror of 22 years ago when the match he’d referred to pre-match, Parma at Ibrox, ended the same score, and not only that, but was on the exact same date all those years ago as Rangers ruined the incredible Italians.

It was an incredible evening all those years ago, yours truly remembers it well – afternoon at the cinema to see Star Wars Phantom Menace then home in time to see Gio and co as Tony Vidmar’s legendary goal sealed it.

And last night was very much in the same spirit.

True, Prague aren’t the side Parma were all those years ago, but with the way Rangers had been playing, no one quite knew what to expect at Ibrox under the new boss.

We needed a great start and we got it, and all fears were dispelled.

More of that!

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  1. Good performance last night. One noticeable point though Kent and Barasic definitely protecting themselves in contact etc. But overall good result and could be the catalyst for the season.

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