“Less is more” – Gio press conference reveals new approach for Rangers fans

“Less is more” – Gio press conference reveals new approach for Rangers fans
He's ready....

Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s first proper Rangers press conference was more telling for what the new manager didn’t say as opposed to what he did.

In our first real proper glimpse of his style in front of the media, it was an intriguing performance from GVB as he avoided answering the majority of questions directly, only skirting around them in most cases and giving little away.

It was a smart approach – Gio doesn’t know the full lay of the land yet, and the press and ‘official media partners’ did their best to provoke a little reaction here and there, but the Dutchman was just too unflappable to give them any real juice.

By avoiding giving too much information, Gio isn’t making claims he won’t keep.

With ex-managers, we got plenty of bold claims, many of which did not manifest themselves at all, and where you could argue word got broken.

But this manager is not making such promises. He is only stating his intentions, without really naming specific examples, and it means at very least if Gio changes tact from an initial plan, the wider public can’t hammer him for hypocrisy because he never made a promise in the first place.

Less is more, here, and we’re refreshed to see a manager who doesn’t indulge in ‘direct speaking’ because frankly the more direct it is in football management, the less likely it actually is to be true.

You can trust someone who doesn’t make promises, you can’t trust someone who breaks theirs.

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