“His best in the shirt – 8” Rangers rated v Prague

“His best in the shirt – 8” Rangers rated v Prague
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 25: Alfredo Morelos of Rangers celebrates scoring his second goal during the UEFA Europa League group A match between Rangers FC and Sparta Praha at Ibrox Stadium on November 25, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

As Rangers comfortably dispatched the Czechs, Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings for a fine night in Govan.


We’ve been possibly the most vocally critical of Greegsy in recent weeks, well we were delighted to eat humble pie. This was his best since early summer, with some absolutely stunning saves, including a ridiculous double. Back to his best on this one. 9


Ok, he had a really dodgy backpass which put Greegsy under serious pressure, but this was a different Tavernier display alright. He did not rampage forward with ill-discipline, but instead kept the shape of the defence and was far more involved in clearing, tackling and intercepting. He didn’t go forward much at all, spending most of his time covering the middle third on the right. This was a different Tav and he did it well. That lob for Aribo was sublime. 8


5 clearances and a couple of other defensive duties showed he had a decent night too. He’s never the centre of attention, but there was a MASSIVE difference in the amount of ball he had. Gio’s system just doesn’t rely on him, and he was way quieter, sticking mostly to defending. 8


Give this lad a medal – he hates this position and struggled in Prague, but this was night and day. Big, strong, quick, this was a wonderful performance against top class opposition and he wasn’t bullied at all. His best performance in the shirt, period. 8


Concentrated, like Tav, on defending, and was absolutely wonderful. Sure, he was a lot less effective as attacking width, but his defensive stats speak for themselves. Nothing got past him. 8


Had a feeling he’d step up in this one, and he did. Maybe it’s for a move away, who knows, but he was excellent. Mobility, passing, aggression, Kamara was something like his best in this one and on this form will be an asset to us, or anyone else. 8


His long-range distribution was outstanding, but his short range was extremely poor by his own standards – went below his season average which shows the struggles he has nowadays with passing compared with last season. But his defensive work was brilliant and more than made up for it. 8


Menacing and should have scored a goal or two, Aribo benefited from being in the centre of the 3 but also enjoyed swapping flanks too. A good night from him. 8


Not as good as he’s capable of being, still getting fitness back, but enjoyed a few dribbles and a couple of good crosses. 7


Wonderful assist for Morelos’ opener and worked hard to keep moves ticking over. Made a handful of key passes and another one with his head high. 8


Ok, he was gifted one goal but both finishes were clinical. This is the Fredo we love, and he was absolutely bang in form for this one. The guts and attitude were right back where they should be and he was the best performer on the pitch. 10



Will wonder if he’s ever going to break through, but that’s a debate for another time. Decent passing and got in a lot of tackles. He’ll be happy with his cameo. 7


Gio will be thrilled with this. Frankly he disappointed 98% of fans with the team selection, but the system allowed the players to express themselves in a way they simply haven’t this calendar year. We saw a defence much more organised, and a formation which got the best out of a number of players. It’s a great start for our new leader. 9

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  1. Massive improvement under Gio from several players tonight, who I thought were no longer interested. Gerrard clearly lost the dressing room.

    Kamara had his best game for us tonight, not just this season, but in a long time. Good to see him flying into tackles and looking interested again, while taking a few sore ones in the process. Playing the ball forward more, less balls back to Goldson.

    Morelos too. I can only remember him coming deep and trying to switch it once, and he’d never have been near that position for his 2nd under Gerrard. Best night in Europe this year

    Goldson and Tav solid at the back with less hairy moments with the tippy tappy shite round the box. Thought big Bassey was a beast and Borna as well sprinting 20yards to win headers he wasnt interested in not so long ago. I don’t think we’ll see Borna/Tav setting each other up for many more goals now in the new setup.

    Mcgregor outstanding for that double save. He’s not been making many saves of late never mind the worldie per game we seemed to get last season.

    First game I’ve been at in a long time where I’ve not thought, at least once, this is like watching Warburtons pish! Tippy tappy shite around and in and out the box, too many pointless passes ruining counter attacks.

    The future is bright…

    Gio, Gio, Gio Gio Gio, Giovanni, Giovanni

  2. I will join you at the table for a slice of humble pie, l never seen that coming when l saw the team sheet, boy am l glad l got that wrong, please please please can we continue to play like this for the rest of the season, l notice on social media that the usual snipers were all quiet and what a statement from our very own Chris Boyd, qualifying is not for for everyone, absolutely fucking love it


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