Gio admission is clear threat to a bunch of Rangers players

Gio admission is clear threat to a bunch of Rangers players
The new team at Ibrox (Credit Rangers FC)

In a wide-ranging opening conference as manager, Giovanni van Bronckhorst covered a litany of topics, but one may have caught the eye when he referenced Connor Goldson’s scathing comments over commitment yesterday.

The new boss spoke about how he needs hunger and the right attitude, and anyone who doesn’t show that level of gumption will find him a ‘tough manager’.

Addressed directly about those quotes from the vice-captain, Gio explained if any player doesn’t tow the line with him, doesn’t show the hunger and the attitude, ‘then they will have a tough manager in me’.

Which, let’s be factual, his predecessor promised as well but didn’t deliver a lot of the time, letting below-par favourites continually line up match after match.

There’s something more sincere about Gio. He doesn’t boast his intentions, doesn’t big up what he plan to do. Doesn’t even try to convince the people he’s talking to, which was a big feature of the ex-manager’s conduct in media performances. Which, as any body language expert will tell you, is the behaviour of a liar.

No, Gio states his thoughts quietly, doesn’t throw them at people, but makes them clear.

And he expects 100% commitment from every player.

Whether that means the likes of Goldson and Glen Kamara not to mention Borna and Alfredo will be on a shoogly peg, time will as always tell.

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  1. Gerrard left a mess. Thanks for stopping ten. Our captain has been a disaster. Bring on Ryan Jack as captain an nathain Paterson as the best right back in Scotland

  2. I hope he carry this through to the letter . Too many people have become complacent and disrespectful to the Jersey and the club. He knows who they are and hopefully will act. Remember he knows this club and those in the club know him too.

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