Gerrard’s backroom staff depart in major Rangers shakeup

Gerrard’s backroom staff depart in major Rangers shakeup
The Rangers staff....

The departure of Steven Gerrard sees major changes taking place at Ibrox, as Rangers close in on Giovanni Van Bronckhorst as next manager, something which would utterly delight us.

But the big overhaul sees Gerrard’s entire backroom staff following him south to Birmingham, which means Culshaw, Milsom, McAllister and most crucially Michael Beale all departing Govan for good.

Beale, let’s be 100% clear, was the Walter Smith to Gerrard’s Souness.

Graeme Souness admitted Smith was always the real manager behind it all, and that’s why Rangers were in completely safe hands when Souness left. He explained it was Smith with the tactics, Smith instructing from the sidelines, and frankly he himself followed Smith’s coaching in itself.

Smith was destined to be a great manager, but Michael Beale is pretty much doing the same thing for Gerrard.

It’s Beale we heard shouting, Beale who took the coaching at Auchenhowie, and Beale who compiled all the tactics and formations.

Was Beale the real manager? He was the mastermind behind it, yes, and we were always clear on that on Ibrox Noise, so this is not history being revised.

But the end decisions and choices were Gerrard’s and his alone. He was given the options by Beale and co, and he made the final calls.

So really losing Gerrard isn’t a huge deal, honestly. It’s Beale who was the one who put most of it together.

And it’s absolutely no wonder Gerrard will shift heaven and earth to have Beale continue on his team in England.

But we move on up here.

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  1. I always thought McAllister was a lump of wood to be honest so another one that’s now put a smile on my face

    It is time for the GVB train to come steaming in, l would have chosen GVB over SG if l had had the choice, so we are getting rid of the rookie and getting an experienced manager in so it’s great news all in, in a couple of weeks fans will forget SG ever existed the same as the caravan man and the bread man, and I’m sure there will be a bigger turnout when GVB comes back home and l will be there with my Dutch scarf on kissing his feet

  2. stevie g is a turn coat in my eyes I had very much admiration for the man but to do this to a team who is likely to get relagated and had 2 and half year left on contract we’ll good ridince and cmon bronckhorst cmon home ill b there to see the arrival

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