From hero to Villan. Steven Gerrard quits Rangers

From hero to Villan. Steven Gerrard quits Rangers
Villa manager Steven Gerrard poses with his shirt (Credit Aston Villa FC)

So it’s official. Steven Gerrard is now Aston Villa manager and the amount we’ve been sitting on and can actually say as a result may keep you glued until Christmas.

Which, admittedly, isn’t actually that far away.

The biggest sense we’re getting from fans right now is one of Brendan Rodgers-itis.

That is to say Gerrard swore blind this and that, alluded to being a man of his word, even saying 10 days ago that he wasn’t going anywhere, only to completely blindside us with a move to PL strugglers Aston Villa.

It’s safe to say a lot of fans are genuinely shocked, but if you were a close reader of Ibrox Noise the past 4 years, you’ll know we called plenty of Stevie’s lies out, and got a lot of abuse for it.

The man did porkie. A lot. He wasn’t true to his word for many, many things, and while we can’t STRICTLY call his reign in Glasgow a failure, he certainly wasn’t a rip-roaring success overall.

Are we bitter?

No, regulars will know we were never his biggest fans – we were always honest about calling out his failings, while crediting his successes. We never honestly liked the man himself. But we separated that from the football manager. Because our opinion of a person’s personality is irrelevant to the job he does as a professional.

We wanted to be fair – as well as honest. Getting the balance between truth and fairness can be tricky.

But while we will be forever grateful for 55, honestly? We’re glad he’s gone.

He was never staying, always hankering after Liverpool – and then violating that by going to Villa!

It’s not sour grapes from us – he made his call, but he’s gone now and truth be told we don’t care how he does with Villa. He even had the temerity to call us ‘Glasgow Rangers’ in his departure statement, rather than Rangers, which didn’t sit well.

We move on, and while we’ll have a tonne more on all this over the coming days, We Remain The People and no departures ever change that.

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  1. I’m OK with this now we needed a different approach and the EPL was always his key commitment. Villa ?? not a good move they will win nothing. I hope he takes Goldson Tav and Morelos ….he can have the 3 for 30 Million . Hopefully Van Bronchorst wants the job, he knows Rangers and he’s a winner too.

  2. I’m delighted he has gone, and l mean absolutely delighted, this is the first time l can actually relax, l never ever hated him, l just thought he was the wrong choice from the start and now he is gone l will raise a glass and breath easy, we needed a more experienced manager, just because he was one of the best players in the world does not make you a instant great manager, l hope it will be the De Boer brothers or Gio, even Rino would get the nod from me, forget about McInnes, Charlie Adam, Alex Neil, Kevin Thompson and especially Russell Martin, they won’t even be remotely considered

  3. So. I read every article but very rarely comment. However, today is definitely one of those rare occasions when I need to add my opinion.

    Steven Gerrard absolutely transformed Rangers in his 3-4 years in charge. Yes, the why where and when of how he left leaves a bitter taste, but when the storm passes he’ll always be remembered as a Rangers legend.

    People seem to forget that his first task was to make Rangers the second best team in Scotland. Then it was to beat them at home and then away. Next it was to stop their 10 and to win us that glorious #55. Let’s not forget those magical runs in the Europa league. He also attracted a squad which is now full of internationals and multi million pound players. Prior to his arrival the best we had was Josh frigging Windass, Pedro and the shambles against Progres.

    Of course it wasn’t perfect, as you have correctly pointed out numerous times today. Amongst others, his biggest disappointment was failing to win a cup. Yet, I fear to think where we would be had he not been appointed our manager.

    Steven Gerrard and Rangers were just meant to be. They happened at the perfect time for each other. We gave him a platform and he gave us our Rangers back. However, he is now part of our history and the most important thing now is how we react and move forward.

    Step up Gio. The Rangers await.

    • Excellent post Andy . I also am very thankful for where we are now thanks to Steven Gerrard an his coaching team Mr David King and Rangers . We will always remember 55 it was special for lots of reasons. The European runs have also been both good for Rangers in terms of position but financially too.

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