Forgotten men of Ibrox – update on duo

Forgotten men of Ibrox – update on duo
He could be back soon....

Juninho Bacuna and Nnamdi Ofoborh.

Two names that have rather faded somewhat in Rangers’ season as both try to overcome adversity and become successes at Ibrox.

We’ll begin with the Curaçao international. Bacuna has evidently been a bad signing, so far. He’s been at Ibrox since the summer, but suffered from effectively no pre-season whatsoever, being quite a late addition, and his appearances in the team have been few and far between.

The red flag we have with him was how Steven Gerrard described him – an attacking midfielder. This made us convinced the manager had nothing to do with this addition because Bacuna is a 6, a deep-lying playmaker, and the one time he started under Stevie, in Prague, was in his proper position at the base of midfield.

His CV is not bad at all, a strong reputation in Holland and more than decent in the Championship, Bacuna is evidently not a poor player, but clearly he’s one yet to settle.

He is an international, which, even at 24, with well over 10 caps, is pretty decent, even if Curaçao is hardly a world power in football. So the kid can play.

He just evidently isn’t up to speed yet in Govan and we simply hope he settles.

The Ofoborh story, on the other hand, has seen a big boost in the past week, after the viral heart issue he’s said to have seemed to have been controlled – the ex-Bournemouth lad posted a picture of himself playing keepy-uppy in a Rangers shirt, in a very heartening sign that he’s on his way back.

It was such a sad story hearing he was out, but hopefully now the worst is past and Ofoborh can finally get on with playing the game he loves for the Famous.

We have no real view or opinion of his ability, other than he’s a deep lying midfielder, so he will have plenty of competition once he’s ready, which only makes Rangers stronger.

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