“Cost and benefit” – Scotty & Stevie paint true picture of Rangers captain

“Cost and benefit” – Scotty & Stevie paint true picture of Rangers captain
His boss and team mate had a word or two to say....

Scott Arfield today illustrated the frustrations Rangers fans have with James Tavernier, but equally Steven Gerrard painted the benefits of those frustrations.

The midfielder was speaking at the pre-Brondby presser where he effectively admitted Tavernier basically plays as a winger, and regularly leaves his defensive post, meaning the midfield on the right has to be switched on whenever the captain is surging up the attack.

However, manager Steven Gerrard chipped in with Tavernier’s stats this season, which are starting to look impressive again, with 5 assists and 2 goals in the last 4 matches, which is a stunning return for a RB.

So we see the cost and benefit of the skipper – what he brings, but why he needs support.

Let us be clear – Nathan Patterson is the better RB of the two, if we’re measuring RB v RB.

But Tav’s numbers we suspect Patterson will struggle to get near, and while the captain regularly divides fans over his contributions, as we at Ibrox Noise have been illustrating, he’s responded to the Patterson threat and has really upped his game lately.

And he also clearly isn’t a typical RB at all. He’s a RW who helps out in defence.

But it will always leave the back door open, hence the likes of Davis, Arfield and Kamara have to cover that, albeit a fit Ryan Jack does the best job.

Haste ye back (again) Ryan.

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