A “new generation of Ryan Kents” as new signing arrives at Ibrox

A “new generation of Ryan Kents” as new signing arrives at Ibrox
New man Dave Vos arrives at Ibrox....

One new man we at IN are very excited about is the arrival of Dave Vos who coached Ajax U-17.

Let’s be blunt, if it wasn’t for Rangers winning the U-17 Alkass Cup and the under 18s qualifying for the UEFA Youth League not in a million years would Dave Vos come here.

I have seen how Ajax train their youth, and trust me, it’s impressive, and it is not by chance that Ajax was ranked second in the world in 2020 for progressing their youth to first teams.

Currently there are 77 players playing in the top football leagues who all came through the Ajax youth teams.

Yes, the names coming out of Ajax are not as famous as yesteryear, when they were graduation Johan Cruyff, Dennis Bergkamp, and the twins Frank and Ronald de Boer, but how many Rangers youth players are currently playing football around the world? Indeed, not many.

Ajax require all their players to have great technical competence, and when that is coupled to good tactical awareness, and two world class strikers at Rangers teaching the forwards, and a world class manager giving feedback to the midfielders…we have a lot to look forward to.

For those who are unaware of the Ajax system, they call it TIPS, which stands for Technique, Insight, Personality and Speed.

In my view, if there is a fault with how TIPS is applied, it is they concentrate too much on Technique and Insight, and not enough on body balance, tactics, personality and speed.

But despite these omissions and weaknesses they routinely create players with absolutely insane technical skill.

In fact, they train many of the same tricks (Despite Makaay’s ‘tricks’ quip) that Ryan Kent uses every single day.

And with this new signing, we could be looking forward to a whole new generation of Ryan Kents and Joe Aribos.

Yes, there is a lot to get excited about.

…what was the name of our last manager again?

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  1. Fabulous for Rangers . The board will have made it abundantly clear we must win this league. We can then move forward to create a better set up in our youth development. Surely Mullholland has to go as his methods are not at that level.

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