8 things we learned about Rangers v County

8 things we learned about Rangers v County
Ryan Kent celebrates his stunning goal (Credit Rangers FC)

What did we learn on Sunday about Rangers’ fine fightback and ultimately comfortable win over bottom-place Ross County?

Here are 8 things we learned on the day.

1: For all the defensive criticism our team is getting, our goalies aren’t actually making many saves at all. For the second match in a row, our number one did not have to make more than one save, and in this case, none. You might want to abuse our defence, but opponents are struggling to make our goalie work. That’s a big plus.

2: Rangers have desperately missed Ryan Kent. Sure, that’s hardly headline news, but a lot of fans wanted him dropped through poor form, and while injury enforced that, the honest but sadly average qualities of Scott Wright highlighted the upgrade our star man actually is. What an impact he’s had since his return.

3: Steven Davis and Glen Kamara weren’t missed at all. John Lundstram and Juninho Bacuna, while a brand new duo, were mostly tidy enough and it shows we can rotate our midfielders without losing much quality.

4: Ryan Jack’s return was fabulous. In 20 minutes he made 9 of 10 passes, and the crowd cheer for his arrival was the biggest yell of the day. He has been absolutely horrifically missed and we can’t wait to see him start soon.

5: Calvin Bassey isn’t the complete LB yet – still has work to do on his crossing and needs to increase his awareness. But he is only 21 and he’s still a tonne better than he was last season.

6: Ianis Hagi just isn’t a starter. He has one hell of an impact off the bench, but this season most of his starting appearances have been a bit underwhelming. He’s got energy and a great attitude, but somehow when he starts he feels disconnected from the rest.

7: Steven Gerrard is finally plucking up the courage to make changes. BIG changes. We saw complaints pre-match that ‘this is why there’s no form, too much chopping and changing’ from the same people who whine Stevie sticks to the same stale favourites… but these changes worked and the team, mostly, played well.

8: Last but not least, 10 goals scored in 3 domestic matches isn’t indicative of a misfiring attack.

Any more?

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    • Sadly those 2 will start without question, l for one I’m glad of the major shake up, a few more tweaks and we will look the same team as last season, just wished Alfie would pull his socks up, one moment looking to be a £30M player, this season he looks like the amount we paid for him, l love the buff but needs to get aggressive again, rather him being sent off 4 teams a season and banging in 30 goals, he is a shadow of his former self the now

  1. Good review , can’t argue with most of that. I would like to see if Patterson could be deloyed with Tav as the right winger. Onwards…hopefully we can get a couple of loans in or a small move in January’s Transfer Window.

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