£35M striker could and should have been an Ibrox star

£35M striker could and should have been an Ibrox star
BELGRADE, SERBIA - OCTOBER 24: Harry Maguire (L) of Manchester United in action against Umar Sadiq (R) of Partizan during the UEFA Europa League group L match between Partizan and Manchester United at Partizan Stadium on October 24, 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia. (Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images)

We try to avoid ‘what ifs’ but this time we can’t help looking at the appalling mismanagement of Umar Sadiq by the ex-boss, and how the Nigerian striker now has a formal £35M price tag on his head.

Let’s be clear – Sadiq is a top class hitman, who has had superb returns and stats at every club and every tournament he’s been in.

Apart, of course, from his time at Ibrox.

We have NEVER wavered from our belief at this site that this player was our Pogba, one who got completely away and had our former boss’s ego not been as big as it was, we might have seen the best of a player whose career stats are kind of stunning.

111 goals in 214 matches:

27 in 54 in LaLiga2, 18 in 34 in Serbia, 5 in 12 in Eredivisie, 4 in 6 for the national team at the Olympics, 4 in 6 (and 3 assists) in the UEL group stage, the numbers go on.

At 24 Sadiq is on the verge of a big move, a career-defining move, and that world class striker, because he’s on the verge of that too, could have been ours.

Of course, let’s not forget he was a loan, we didn’t actually pay for him, so we might not have kept him anyway, but Sadiq could have been something very special for Rangers.

And he doesn’t deserve the abuse he still gets to this day from fans.

With the criticism Alfredo Morelos is getting these days, it makes you think.

Perhaps recent events will alter how Sadiq is remembered?

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