2020 quotes from GVB reveal truth about his return to Rangers

2020 quotes from GVB reveal truth about his return to Rangers
A proud man with the shirt (Credit Rangers FC)

If anyone had any doubt how much Giovanni van Bronckhorst wanted the Rangers job, they only need to check this quote from early 2020 when he spoke to Sky Sports about his career:

“I can only look with pride and a smile on my face on my wonderful years at Rangers.”

There is no denying GVB never enjoyed football more than when he was at Ibrox. Sure, he didn’t win the Champions League like he did at Barca, and he wasn’t captain like he was for the Dutch NT, but anyone looking at the footage of his holding various Rangers trophies aloft or listening to how he spoke about us long before any Liverpudlian misdemeanours came along would know the guy is sincere.

GVB just loved his time in Govan, between 98-01, probably more than any other period in his career.

On an emotional, personal, and indeed footballing level his 3 years at Ibrox stuck with him, in a way no other club did.

And that’s why being manager is now such an incredible thrill for the man.

He’s home, where he belongs.

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  1. I’ve hardly slept over Gio being confirmed, it’s just fantastic news and l expect 56 to be in the bag by February, all those plastic paddies celebrating over the loss of SG, Gio is ten times the man the scouse rhat ever was, he will get the ibrox faithful on the feet again, let’s be honest, this season with SG in charge, the crowd thought they were attending a funeral, now the crowd will be absolutely bouncing and l will be one of them there on Sunday

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