What now for Rangers’ Glen Kamara?

What now for Rangers’ Glen Kamara?
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 16: Glen Kamara of Rangers looks on as he warms up prior to the UEFA Europa League group A match between Rangers FC and Olympique Lyon at Ibrox Stadium on September 16, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

With the continuing controversy of ‘she said he said’ over Glen Kamara and Rangers’ trip to Prague, on top of the last incident in March plus the long-lasting contractual issues and his lawyer’s regular appearances in the media, it’s safe to say one of the club’s most low-profile players has been thrust into the spotlight the past 6+ months and we’re not sure he’s remotely comfortable or happy with any of it.

Kamara, after around 6+ weeks, signed on the dotted line, Steven Gerrard confirming his people were happy, the club was happy, and it was down to the player.

The reality was Kamara was almost certainly hoping for a move down south, but nothing materialised, so after much consideration, he took the wage rise of a new contract plus the escape clause (said to be around £15M) inside it.

But it’s safe to say his form has suffered. By no means awful, Kamara has nevertheless looked distant, uninvolved, and negative – mostly passing sideways and back, and not getting stuck in the way he used to.

His heart isn’t there right now, and he’s not putting in the work he once did, and Steven Gerrard had no hesitation sacrificing him against Hibs when Rangers needed a bit more drive up front, as opposed to hooking the fans’ former scapegoat John Lundstram.

Where does Kamara go from here?

We know the lad has a lot on his plate – being thrust into the global spotlight in the spring was the last thing this modest player wanted, and it’s clearly got to him. Of course it has, it would get to anyone – and we admit his lawyer isn’t helping by frequently jumping into the press and ensuring attention remains on the player.

His new deal, which was signed with a hell of a lot of protraction, will include a much better wage, a ‘strong offer’ as Stevie put it, plus that release clause if a suitable bid does arrive. But the player’s morale and form have definitely suffered.

In truth, Kamara probably needs a fresh start, and that’s no slight on him.

A lot of fans do suggest he’s one they’d like to see move on in January, to make way to for new additions, and we’d not object to that.

Kamara was a stunning bargain at £50K and he’s more than repaid that value. But there’s just that sense now that both parties need to move on, and hopefully the best outcome for everyone will happen soon.

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  1. No limelight excuses here please , if he got a move to the EPL his profile and exposure would be sky high .
    He’s just having a bad patch , best player at Rangers by a distance , I can imagine he’s on a promise to be sold in the summer , I wish him every success

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