“What might have been” doesn’t matter to Rangers

“What might have been” doesn’t matter to Rangers
21 Sep 1999: Michael Mols of Rangers is tackled by Thomas Linke of Bayern during the UEFA Champions League match between Glasgow Rangers and Bayern Munich from Ibrox Park, Glasgow, Scotland. The game finished in a 1-1 draw. Mandatory Credit: Michael Steele /Allsport

3rd November 1999. Not a date everyone will immediately think of as significant but that was the night in Munich where Rangers destroyed Bayern in the old Olympic Stadium in the Champions League and yet still lost.

Oliver Kahn even said this was one of the most impressive away performances he’d had to face for Bayern and they were lucky to get through.

Rangers only needed the point and that night we hit the post, bar, and wasted a tonne of gilt-edge chances.

For half an hour yours truly was sat frustrated thinking ‘if only Wallace hadn’t hit the post’ or ‘if only GVB hadn’t given away a penalty’.

But they did. These things did happen – and never again did I torture myself with ‘what if’ and ‘what might have been’.

And this is why, maybe pragmatically, I never frustrate myself in football with thinking about ‘what if Morelos had put one of those chances away…’.

Because he didn’t.

He 100% didn’t and that’s the outcome.

And it’s a kind of language most football fans cannot countenance. They HAVE to look at the what ifs, a masochistic way of defending something, a way to argue that the situation didn’t have to be this way, and justify a bad miss or poor defending.

But the reality is there’s no defending or justifying. All the possession in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t score enough goals. The moment we remember is Lundstram with his goal, and Halkett with his. Looking at the MLS last night and the New York Derby, and City completely outplayed Red Bulls. But it’s NYRB who scored, and they are the one with the 3 points.

And those end results are what matter.

This is why we don’t focus on what might have been, what Buff might have done, or anyone else for that matter.

Because what DID happen is all that matters.

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  1. Don’t get too high with the success and don’t get to low with the disappointment, motto of a great team. All that matters is come the end of the season we’re still in the same league position as now. Roll on 56.

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