Stevie shoots down hack with ‘one loss’ stat

Stevie shoots down hack with ‘one loss’ stat
Gerrard was in fighting form....

Steven Gerrard, despite Rangers’ poor form this season, has made a deadpan point to the world that he’s very happy with a team that has lost just one domestic game in 50.

Asked whether he was disappointed his men hadn’t responded to bad results with gutsy performances, he suggested he didn’t agree with that, and it was a question of perception.

That he sees hungry players, eager to right wrongs, and told us that social media and outside noise (or is that Noise 😉 ) makes it maybe look a bit different than it is from the inside.

But crucially he pointed out how there’s been just one domestic loss in the last half a tonne, and it’s a fair point.

The problem of course is the number of draws, with 3 already from 11 matches, which while good enough right now to be top of the table, may not stay so if Celtic’s form continues.

So while he was right to shoot down Sky’s Luke Shanley on a factual basis, it is nevertheless a little spot of head in the sand mentality about the form the team is in.

Que sera?

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