SPFL announcement is game changer for Rangers & Scottish game

SPFL announcement is game changer for Rangers & Scottish game
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Aside all the Steven Gerrard to Newcastle stories (more on them later) is the massive news that VAR has been effectively approved in the SPFL and will be installed ‘as soon as is practically possible’.

Following a positive meeting between SPFL clubs, the board and the SFA, not to mention Howard Webb, the technology has been given the thumbs up by the majority and while we don’t know if there’s a definitive vote to be carried out (because they always go so well in this country), nevertheless it appears VAR will be brought into the game soon.

It has been confirmed that FIFA are in discussions with football bodies worldwide about making VAR decision-making more transparent, that more about the actual process will be shared with fans rather than just the pure outcome, and this is welcome as well.

We know referees have a very hard job, and get more abuse than anyone else in the game (aside Leigh Griffiths) north of the border, so we consider this technology a massive boost in helping them get decisions correct.

And these discussions have now paved the way for VAR to be implemented essentially at the earliest possible opportunity.

It’ll cost around £100,000 for the training, but aside that, and the practical equipment costs and increased camera presence, it’s kind of all systems go.

It will probably debut at some point in one of this season’s domestic cups, otherwise we’ll see it 22/23.

About time.

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