Shock at Ibrox as officials ignore missile thrown at Tavernier

Shock at Ibrox as officials ignore missile thrown at Tavernier
Completely ignored....

Rangers’ superb win tonight was slightly overshadowed following two disgraceful incidents involving Brondby fans and the officials.

First, prior to the opening goal, James Tavernier was clearly hit by what appeared to be a lighter, and appealed to the assistant referee over the incident, who shockingly dismissed him immediately and just told him to get on with the match.

Then we’ve understood there’s reports a photographer was also struck by visiting fans who are alleged to have hurled a coin at the innocent snapper.

If ever the game was dragged through the mud, it’s here, where not only do visiting fans think it’s perfectly acceptable to throw hard metal objects at innocent people doing their jobs, but the assistant referees appear disinterested and offer no support at all.

Tavernier clearly showed the official the offending object, but was waved away and instructed to take the corner – the correct behaviour would have seen the official touch his ear to communicate to the ref before further potential action would be taken.

This was really poor from the visiting fans and from the officials.

If we can’t trust those who run the game to keep our players protected amidst scenes like these, what’s the point?

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  1. Only last night after the Man Utd match an Atalanta fan managed to break free from the security at their section and run most of the length of the pitch to try and get to Cristiano Ronaldo actually just getting his hand on his shirt before being stopped. The players may be in a privileged position but they are vulnerable to racism on and off the pitch, abuse from the stands and on social media and like tonight objects being thrown which barely comes with any action and when it does it doesn’t always set the correct example. These people should be located through CCTV or identified by security and be banned from all football stadia. You wouldn’t put up with it in any other line of work so why should it be accepted or ignored?

  2. Shocking that the assistant referee, took no action about the incident when report to him, other that instructing Rangers captain to continue taking the corner.Disgraceful action by the official.The motto here is to play the game,by the roles of action as set down by the governing body of our sport. SFA must now take action to protect all involved within the true sport of football for all involved.Including the cameraman that was also hit by an object from the away spectators area of the crowd.
    Please Protect ALL involved in all sport.
    Thomas H.Reiily.

  3. I seen this incident on my phone.If this had been committed by A Rangers fan,all.hell would have been set loose. THR.

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