“Perspective is needed” – Beale backtracks from fan exchange

“Perspective is needed” – Beale backtracks from fan exchange
Beale and Steven Gerrard confabulate...

Michael Beale’s terse exchange with a fan developed a little today when the assistant coach backed down a touch from his previous stance as the two made amends over their minor war of words.

Stevie G’s number two took major exception to a fan’s comments about the tactics and formation, suggesting the team only got coached once a week, for the ex-Liverpool coach to slam him on Twitter and request he supported the team.

But in a further update, Beale backed down a bit and indirectly admitted the fan had the right to his view given he was one himself.

He said:

“No problem Craig. I didn’t take offence, we can always play better and there is always room for improvement – football is never perfect. I am a fan also – I get it – but some perspective is needed at times. I wouldn’t change our boys or our results for anyone else’s. Enjoy your evening.”

And this kind of sums up the issue – by initially telling the fan to support, Beale allowed the moment to get the better of him and verged perilously close to trying to censor him.

We do get it, all of us in football get emotional, and we allow those emotions to get the better of us at times. Both men had the right to the opinion, but Beale’s does carry more weight given his position at the club, so he did the right thing backing down and admitting the lad had a right to his view.

Football will always drive emotion, we will always get our feelings entangled and they’ll cloud judgement now and then.

It’s vital that after the heat of the moment is all said and done, that fans and staff can all regain that sense of perspective as Beale rightly says.

It’s all about opinions.

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