Outrage as new competition proposal draws ire

Outrage as new competition proposal draws ire
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In some evidence that the outrage over the European Super League was in fact just outrage for the sake of it, European leagues have now gathered in yet more outrage over pending changes to the Champions League.

The current format, which sees 8 x 4 groups before a KO stage, has been in itself heavily criticised for allowing non-champions to compete, and for being elitist, by stopping any unfavoured teams from getting to advanced stages.

So to make it even more competitive, UEFA have proposed an actual Champions League, where the competition would become a league of 36 teams, each having 10 matches.

And naturally everyone is offended and outraged.

With the ESL the claims were the new format was elitist and clubs hadn’t consulted the likes of UEFA or their fans.

Now UEFA themselves are having a pop at trying something different, and while we cannot stand this organisation at all, we have to laugh that again the majority jump all over themselves to be offended and oppose the changes.

It doesn’t literally matter what anyone tries to do to invigorate the game, the majority objects.

VAR only got in because UEFA ruled it so – plenty, and we mean plenty of FAs and football groups opposed it till reluctantly accepting it and it’s changed the game for the better in most cases.

Football hates change – it doesn’t like progression. It doesn’t like anything evolving because people get used to ‘the way it is’ and don’t want to change from it.

There’s nothing wrong with trying something different.

And if UEFA want a punt at a new format for the CL we’d say give it a bash.

They’ve clearly realised the ESL wasn’t a bad idea at all. It was just not their idea, hence why they fell into a panic and outrage over it.

We still ain’t exactly against such a notion.

But someone will be. They always are.

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