Morelos’ class at Ibrox as Brown tries to troll Rangers

Morelos’ class at Ibrox as Brown tries to troll Rangers
Morelos showing his class and paying tribute.

Alfredo Morelos celebration on Wednesday is something we’ve not yet looked at, and we wanted to express how classy it was. We did allude to it in the match review, but his grace in dedicating his celebration to Sir Walter showed his humanity, and he’s always been seen to pray during Minutes’ Silences as well.

We know he’s a big believer in God, and he used his faith to gracefully show a moment of tribute to our manager.

Meanwhile, someone we tried to give real credit to around the time of Walter’s passing, Scott Brown, rather disappointingly blotted the night by trolling Rangers fans and trolling Alfredo Morelos as well.

On a night humility, grace, and respect were standard, the Dons appeared to be disinterested in showing any, and instead Brown though this match was the one to troll the opposition in by mocking Morelos’ typical knee slide celebration.

Was it disgraceful? We’re not sure we can go as far as that. We’d call it unedifying and undignified, especially given the decent things he’d said in the Aberdeen presser after Walter passed.

It was uncalled for, certainly, and he could have picked a future fixture between the two to mock.

It’s football, banter and trolling is part of it, and we’re not snowflakes – but this was Walter’s night and Brown tried to make it about him.

Really, really crass.

Thankfully Morelos showed a moment of humility and class to make his moment all about Walter. That’s what we shall remember.

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    • You MAY be doing him a disservice – he was seen pre-kick off struggling with it as it kept sliding down. It may just have fallen off or he removed it for practical reasons.

    • You’re correct Bill. He is a decent footballer but no more. For me he represents everything about the 9 years of Celtic “success” when they were handed trophy after trophy with no competition. He is the most over rated player I’ve ever seen and the multiple trophies he has been handed are near worthless but he will go down as some type of Scottish legend. He also captained his country in one of the worst periods in our history. It makes my blood boil to see him behave like he’s some kind of football genius.

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