Minority of idiots as police probe begins on Gers fans

Minority of idiots as police probe begins on Gers fans

I will be clear – there is NO place in football for the kind of behaviour some idiots in our crowd committed on Wednesday.

Whoever the tube was who chucked the coffee (or whatever it was) should be deeply ashamed of themselves, on that of all nights to behave in a way which insulted the memory of Sir Walter.

We are well aware emotions ran high, but after our anger when Tavernier himself was pelted by Brondby fans, we are more disappointed in this that some of our own supporters would do the same.

We get it – Dons players came right up to our supporters and rubbed their noses in the second goal on this of all nights, and yes, Brown sure as hell provoked with his trolling celebration.

But two wrongs don’t make a right and whoever the fool who did this, the fools who did this are, should face 100% the repercussions for such poor behaviour, and will, with the police looking into it.

This night was about Walter, and we’re not sure he’d have been happy seeing our fans do something like that at all.


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  1. The person was arrested within 5 minutes of throwing a paper coffee cup the surrounding fans pointed the idiot out to the police it was a drunken female

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