Major Rangers sponsor defends Prague atmosphere

Major Rangers sponsor defends Prague atmosphere
Radek Grill, Tomket owner with Hagi and Stevie (Credit: Rangers FC)

Rangers’ ongoing fight with Prague-based racism got a big boost today after owner of leading Rangers sponsor Tomket Tired, Radek Grill, Czech, was appalled to hear a monkey slur being spoken about by a Sparta fan to her son as they left the stadium.

The founder of the Czech tyre manufacturer was disgusted by the language he heard used by a mother to her kid, and he declared himself ‘ashamed’ of his nation as a result.

We should be fair – Grill did not accuse the woman of shouting racial abuse at Kamara, only that she said to her child that she was glad that ‘monkey’ had been sent off.

Which is of course still nowhere near good enough, and Grill did add he endorsed the booing:

“Kamara should have received the card, I’ve no issue on the booing at all. The atmosphere was great thanks to the children.”

In truth, the atmosphere was vivid, and even UK commentators, Rangers men themselves Rory Hamilton and Alex Rae praised the young fans for the noise, but questions have been raised over the motivations for that noise.

But Grill, who is invested in both Rangers and Prague, did his best to try to be as fair as he could about the atmosphere, while equally slating what the fan said.

It’s a complex issue which lacks a simple solution.

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