In battle of Rangers wingers, there’s only one winner

In battle of Rangers wingers, there’s only one winner
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Now by no means do we think Scott Wright is rotten, because we don’t. Regulars will be well aware how much we like the former Aberdeen man, and we have had a lot of praise for his energy, gusto, workrate, and ability to get energy out of others and lift the team.

But unfortunately we have to be realistic as well, and say he is simply not as good as Ryan Kent who, even when he’s scoring 6 out of 10 and looking below his best is still a far superior player to Wright in every department.

Kent, a £7.5M signing, has done it at the highest levels for this club, with sensational performances in Europe, world class goals and the slaying of Celtic too.

Wright, at the same age, and having been at Ibrox for around 10 months, simply isn’t in that same league (yet?), and there’s nothing wrong with saying it.

He’s an impact player, a valuable squad player who we have a lot of respect for, but his limitations this season have been quite obvious, and while he has a lot of pace and can scare defenders with it, there’s little end product.

His stats for Rangers read 24 appearances, 3 goals and 2 assists. When Ryan Kent was getting well over double/triple that in his ‘quiet’ first season (6 goals, 9 assists) he was being absolutely slaughtered for not delivering numbers, while fans seem a lot more generous to Wright, despite clearly giving inferior stats.

We do like Wright, a lot, but he’s suited best as a sparing starter, a squad man, someone who can do a job – and there’s no harm in that.

We as fans tend to have more time for the players who work so hard, elevating them to a level they can’t attain just because we love their heart.

But we must try to, as Michael Beale said, ‘retain perspective’ and remember who our best players really are.

And Kent is one of them.

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  1. Kent 100% superior to Wright . Kent on his day the best player on SPFL. He has the ability to play in the EPL without a doubt. We miss and need him asap.

  2. Wright is more than a bench filler and in my opinion we let a better winger go out on loan again that is Glenn Middleton.

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