“His worst of the season – 5” Rangers rated v Hearts

“His worst of the season – 5” Rangers rated v Hearts
Steven Gerrard v Hearts (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers slumped to a second home draw of the season, and despite holding onto the top slot the patchy form continues to be a concern.

Ibrox Noise gives you our ratings for another strange one:


The man hasn’t been at his best this season, for the very simple reason he shouldn’t have remained between the sticks, despite his stunning 55. He gave it all for that and has nothing left. A tricky afternoon, albeit two or three great saves, but his error did gift Hearts the equaliser. But it should never have come to that. 6


Quiet. Average display from the captain, didn’t do a tonne right or wrong really. Just a bit there. 6


Some wayward passing saw a notably low level from the vice captain, and if we’re honest, he looked downtrodden through the whole match. Not his best. 5


Also not at his best, the Nigerian’s defensive confidence looked a bit shaky following his international mishap. But he was still better than Goldson and kept working, managing some bursts forward. 6


An ok match from him, but ok is far from good enough. Hasn’t been at the races since the Spring for this club and needs to rediscover his form before Calvin Bassey takes his place permanently. 6


There wasn’t an ounce of competition for Rangers’ MOTM to this gentleman, who’s looking head and shoulders above every other player in the side right now, both metaphorically and in most cases, literally. His stats are brilliant, his work ethic clear to see, and he’s owning the midfield. Everything is going through him. 9


In truth he was more involved than he has been recently, getting forward a bit and managing to have some involvement in the opposition third. But aside that he’s just not doing anything of real note in our midfield and continues to be mostly lethargic and negative. 5


Worked hard and had a lot of the ball. Tried to make things happen, but frankly got away with a very bad lunge that Porteous had done on him two weeks ago with a yellow card. He’s not hiding and it was still a bit better from him than recent. 6


A struggle from the Romanian, his worst of the season by a distance, admittedly not helped by the number of times he was clattered. Touch was poor and he looked out of sorts. 5


Shows energy and enthusiasm, but not an ounce of end product or quality. Sorry, but we’re not interested in this guy playing for our club except as an impact sub. He isn’t good enough to start and we stand by that unless truly proven wrong by a miracle. 5


Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Missed a tonne of sitters, and after this latest one (yet another poor showing from him) fans are starting to lose all kinds of patience. Sure, it’ll all simmer down by the next match and 7 Nation Army will belt out from fickle fans who were calling him all sorts today, but either way Morelos had a horror this afternoon and looked completely disinterested. 3



Didn’t do an awful lot except lose the ball and make some ineffectual passes. 5


Always works, never stops, and while he only got 15 minutes, every pass hit its mark. Wasn’t able to change the game. 6


There was a noticeable dip after Davis came on – the game slowed and Hearts took complete control of the ball. While the home side hadn’t been great in the second half, Davis’ introduction saw the pairing that doesn’t work – he and Lundstram, and Rangers’ midfield simply halted. They can’t play together. 5


Steven Gerrard was getting it thick from fans at full time, fans who couldn’t understand why he removed Hagi and Aribo. We’d disagree that Hagi was having a great match, but Aribo was on a yellow. But he did leave the useless Morelos on and didn’t bother with Fashion Sakala at all. The starting lineup? Questionable. Ditching Bassey, starting Kamara (again), and selecting Wright – none of these came close to working, and Sakala had surely earned himself a chance. He also brought Davis on completely pointlessly and it disrupted Lundstram. Not Stevie’s best match either. 5

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  1. You’re subjective. This was not his worst of the season. In my opinion and other from FF he was one of the most dangerous players on the pitch. His worst was the match with Hibs.

    • Actually a mixture of subjective and factual, as with all ratings. Always find it intriguing when people pick individual ratings they disagree with, then fixate on defending or attacking the player more.

    • He was pretty highly rated by others, with grades like 6, 7 and even 8 and I was a little bit surprised that you said this was his worst performance and not even a positive word about him. Your article’s title was specifically referring to Hagi, that’s why I picked only him (besides myself being romanian and following his performances abroad). I keep my opinion that your expectations were a bit high after his performance in Germany, but let’s not forget that in Scotland he is being always marked, faulted etc, perhaps because they know he may be a dangerous player. In a better league, in a team where he would be surrounded by players of the same or better caliber the opposite team doesn’t focus on a specific player, unless you’re Messi/Ronaldo/Mbappe etc

      • Respect others’ opinions but don’t share them. We’ve been nothing but positive about him all season, surprised you’ve not spoken before too much about that.

        • I respect you opinion too, but actually this is exactly what surprised me: the fact that you’ve been positive before about him (even when he truly had some bad matches), but not now when he didn’t seem to have such a poor match imo

          • Unfortunately in Scotland being clattered , fouled, assaulted, is ok for up to 3 or 4 times before a ref does anything – just like the pub leagues.

            I saw Hagi against Germany and he was great. He should be playing in a country with rules and real refs.

  2. Morelos has to get dumped ASAP. £20m my arse. He is stinking up the place with his attitude. We had more shots at goal, 27, today then any other team in the Scottish and English Premierships and got ONE goal to show for it. How is that even possible. Dundee Utd won 3-0 with 9 shots and Livingston won 3-0 with 11 shots. Hearts had their first shot, of 5, at goal in the last 15 minutes but come away with a point. Chelsea even managed a 1-0 away win with 5 shots. It’s pathetic!!!

    • Spot on Robrob57 Morelos was awful today. Never off his arse and continually missing easy chances. He will play on Thursday because of his presence only . SG should have brought Paterson on in place of Hagi . Bacuna is well off the pace . Roofe should have been on and Sakala at the same time once Morelos had missed his 2nd or 3rd chance .

  3. Terrible performance, but I think with some Buckfast and a big picture of the Queen on the wall we can overcome these filthy Catholics…

  4. How the hell did we manage to end up with ten men behind the ball against a team we totally dominated in the first half? Manager carries the can for a totally incomprehensible change of tactics in the second half..

  5. Brutal analysis but hard to argue. I thought Bacuna had a couple of decent passes to be fair to him but after his early season form it is crazy to think Lundstram is our talisman at the moment. I think McGregor, Davis, Tav and Goldson’s numbers are up. Wright is suddenly going backwards and Barisic, Kamara and Balogun look like they have no confidence. Hard to believe we knocked back £17m for Morelos.

  6. On actually expectations this was our worst performance since Mothetwell . How we didn’t box this off with two or three goals Im totally flabbergasted and disgusted . They didn’t affect us up to 70 minutes when dropped off and sat deep. SG has to take responsibility for that. Morelos was terrible. He looks disinterested. Godson Tav look like they don’t want to be there . McGregor saved us brilliantly thanks , but the defending was shocking again. His mistake at the goal was disappointing but the team let him down before that by not finishing them off. We miss Ryan Kent badly he is the player that changes the games . Wright isn’t anywhere close to a replacement.

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