Gerrard destroys lying UK press with crushing put down

Gerrard destroys lying UK press with crushing put down
He will be pleased with some of the updates....

Steven Gerrard last night, with a hint of mockery, finally put to bed any notion the lying press have had about him joining Newcastle by strongly wording to BT’s Emma Dodds that he is happy and settled at Ibrox and he’s not going anywhere.

The Rangers manager, buoyant following a fine European night for the Champions, was quizzed post-match about how he felt about the result, but the question of his future was raised over Newcastle links.

He was unequivocal, and his response has been widely misinterpreted as an attack on Emma herself, which it wasn’t.

She asked what he would say to those linking him with a move away, and his answer was to them, not her:

“Do I look happy? Do I look settled? Don’t ask me silly questions then.”

Gerrard used Dodds (and he knew she’d raise it) to send a message out there that he’s not interested in a move, and he’s happy at Ibrox.

He even answered with a smile on his face, confirming it definitely not wasn’t a go at the messenger, and she even endorsed what he was saying after his first comment, with a ‘very’.

So, for those who are trying to find ways to unsettle the manager, you’ll have to do a lot better.

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  1. Good on you Steve it’s about time you came out and told it exactly how it is the Scottish media tabloids and so called football pundits are trying everything in the book to unsettle the Rangers machine.

    Why because they are all running scared and know we are top of the league whilst playing in 2nd gear if they think we are not playing well that says a lot for the other teams below us god help some teams when we do reach 4th gear and play superbly well.

    Once Ryan Kent Ryan Jack Helander Katic come back to the team then watch us go.

    Have to say though Morelos looks as though he has an extra couple of McDonalds as of late looks sluggish and also looks like he is carrying a bit of extra timber.

    At times during the Brondby game the back four did not look comfortable and Barisic on a couple of occasions nearly gifted the away team with a couple of school boy errors.

    That said they got the job done and it’s 3 very important points well needed.
    Beat St Mirren at the weekend and it’s a real good job done as we March onwards to 2 in a row
    And that £45 million jackpot with the rest of Europe’s elite clubs back were we belong.
    It’s great to be a Bear!

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