Controversy as new passport law comes into effect at Ibrox

Controversy as new passport law comes into effect at Ibrox
To be one of these you'll need a passport now.... (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers’ Covid passports come into effect mandatorily this Thursday meaning all fans who attend Ibrox for the Europa clash with Brondby must have a passport following the law coming into place as of yesterday.

Celtic this afternoon face… someone or other, but their fans must present Covid passports or face not gaining entry, so the law is in full force now north of the border.

We’re not clear if it’ll be random spot checks or each entering fan will be vetted, but either way it’s causing the predictable division between those happy to comply and those who clearly object.

We have no idea what the attendance is like in the east given none of them work anyway, but COP26 is being held in Glasgow, both sides of the Old Firm are home in Europe this week and there’s the tv broadcasting rules in there too.

So aside all that you have the passports, which will see much arguing on social media we will imagine.

End of the day, whatever side you take, it’s now law, and if Rangers fans want to get into Ibrox for Thursday v Brondby, they’ll need to be jabbed.

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  1. Prayers that the stupid law will be kicked out, the SNP always follows what England does 2 weeks later but that fucking rat Sturgeon will put a scoattishy twist on it as always

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