Celtic fans hijack BBC poll – they really want rid of Gerrard…

Celtic fans hijack BBC poll – they really want rid of Gerrard…
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Celtic fans have hijacked a BBC poll on the next Newcastle manager by ensuring Steven Gerrard’s name was high up on the 13-man list behind only Antonio Conte.

The poll, carried out today amidst the long-awaited exit of Steve Bruce from the St James’ hotseat, asked readers who they thought should be the next manager, and unless a strong majority of Newcastle fans do want Gerrard and voted on this, Celtic fans instead showed their eagerness to part Gerrard from Rangers such is the amount they fear him.

Possibly both, but it does still just show their obsession…

Stevie, the longest-serving manager in the SPL now by quite a distance, is well-known to have ambitions of managing Liverpool eventually, but has stated he’s focused on Rangers and the ‘big job’ he has.

But that didn’t stop thousands of green and white punters plugging his name for the Newcastle job, desperate as they are to get rid of their mortal nemesis from the Rangers hotseat.

Gerrard has been a thorn in Celtic’s side for 3+ years, and even though success wasn’t too forthcoming till 55, there’s no denying they can’t stand him and see him as a huge threat.

Especially if Rangers win the title and secure £45M in funds from CL participation next summer.

So Celtic fans want rid of Stevie? You bet your backside they do, and we love it.

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  1. Yes that lot across the city will stoop to any level to bring our great club to shame.

    Stevie Michael & Gary still have unfinished business to attend to 2nd title in a row.

    Winning £45,000,000 by finishing first again.

    Winning the other 2 Scottish cups up for grabs this campaign.

    Entering the champions league and playing with the very best players that Europe has to offer.

    You can see why also Stewart Sutton Nicholas Commons and the Scottish press are piling so much rubbish onto the papers to unsettle our fantastic management team because they are all fearful of our fantastic club the negative press will not intimidate us or unsettle us.

    Here we go for 2 in a row it’s great to be a bear😀👍

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