BREAKING: UEFA boot out Rangers’ racism case at Prague

BREAKING: UEFA boot out Rangers’ racism case at Prague
Ondrej Kudela File Photo File photo dated 18-03-2021 of Rangers Glen Kamara left argues with Slavia Prague s Ondrej Kudela. Issue date: Wednesday May 26, 2021. FILE PHOTO Editorial use only, no commercial use without prior consent from rights holder. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xAndrewxMilliganx 60030911

Uefa have thrown out claims of racism in Prague last month after finding ‘insufficient evidence’ of discrimination or racism and have rejected Rangers’ allegations to the contrary.

Glen Kamara was notably jeered when he was on the ball, but Europe’s governing body have decided there’s no case to pursue and will not be taking it further.

Sparta had of course a stadium ban following racism v Monaco, and naturally we all recall the Slavia stuff from the spring, but this time it appears UEFA find no issue with what happened in Prague and the case is dismissed.

This is a breaking story.

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  1. Of course they found no case to answer because UEFA would have to admit that they a mistake in allowing thousands of racist children into a ground they had already closed. Racism will never dealt with while these self important, conniving, corrupt people are in charge.

  2. UEFA are bent as fuck
    Closed stadiums for 2 games and 80k fine for England
    Racially abuse our football team and get the same! What a fucking joke!
    They shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a tournament in fact just Chuck them out for 20 years 👍

  3. Our Rangers boys suffer whilst they get away with it time and time again
    Bent Uefa as normal! Will never change

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