Ashley and his Ibrox toxicity as Newcastle get rid

Ashley and his Ibrox toxicity as Newcastle get rid
OXFORD, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 04: Mike Ashley owner of Newcastle United talks to managing Directory Lee Charnley ahead of the FA Cup Fourth Round Replay match between Oxford United and Newcastle United at Kassam Stadium on February 04, 2020 in Oxford, England. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

Few football fans in the UK could have failed to spot the goliath story of Mike Ashley’s long-awaited and highly popular exit from football.

The Sports Direct supremo finally sold Newcastle to a Saudi consortium and after 14 years the Geordies have their club back, just as Rangers did in 2015.

Because let’s not forget Ashley effectively owned Rangers for long enough until the club was ultimately able to wrangle out of his leash via numerous court cases, and certainly after we got rid of his toxic board.

Ashley, in truth, from what we understand, is actually supposed to be a very decent man, loyal, kind and a great ally. Away, that is, from business.

Put him in business and suddenly a monster erupts, a truly ruthless man who gives zero hoots about people’s welfare or their happiness and only cares about profit and running a tight ship.

He is, in fairness, extremely good at it – he’s brutal and it’s made him rich. And a lot of enemies.

Rangers, it must be said, are one of them.

The numerous deals he made with Charles Green to effectively own our crest, name and almost the stadium really were acidic, and thanks to a tug of war which Rangers have effectively won, he’s out of our club and out of football now.

We empathise deeply with the plight of the St James’ Park giants. They are a very similar club in some senses to Rangers, with a fanatical fanbase and a massive infrastructure. Like Rangers they have finally ridded themselves of Ashley, and can look forward, but it is a deeply long road ahead.

Rangers do still have some court cases to completely sever ties, given he won a case in the summer for damages, but the majority of his influence is gone.

And Newcastle too can look forward to getting a future without him.

He should never have gone anywhere near football, and was a true toxin to the Beautiful Game.

Stay awake Mike.

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  1. Nice man my arse. He’s a fat ruthless bastard. Notwithstanding his appalling record in football, the way he treats his staff at his various businesses is disgraceful. Worth £3bn and it’s STILL not enough. He is the worst kind of human.

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