“Another couple of weeks” – Stevie gives major update

“Another couple of weeks” – Stevie gives major update
He didn't hold back at all...

Steven Gerrard has, again, reverted once more to the ‘couple of weeks’ rhetoric over Ryan Jack after saying the midfielder is likely to return to the squad ‘assuming that he keeps progressing well’.

It’s obviously a more positive update on the Scotland star that some previous but Stevie continues to urge a huge note of caution both on the timescale and the prognosis and we don’t blame him for that.

The midfielder still isn’t quite back to full training yet, albeit he is mercifully on the grass again these days, but he isn’t ready for the full-blooded contact stuff so is still working on getting the full readiness back.

Stevie has given him another two weeks before he’s fully back, back to training and in contention for a place, but with the lad out for 8 months, his fitness will be miles behind.

Jack will be back in the team when he’s ready. We’re not absolutely sure when that will be but our sources did suggest next year.

No one can know for sure, but there’s a slim chance we might see him before the autumn is out.

We can but hope.

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