“A few quid” – Goldson Rangers contract demands revealed?

“A few quid” – Goldson Rangers contract demands revealed?
Gerrard was in fighting form....

Steven Gerrard, in a very very telling hint towards the Connor Goldson situation, gently intimated it comes down to money with the CB, after an ironic example of how negotiations work and where the hold up with his deal might be.

Speaking pre-St Mirren, the manager claimed to have no idea what was holding the deal up, but when pressed, cryptically hinted that the player wants a better offer with a very veiled metaphor:

“You know yourself, when you’re trying to find a negotiation, when your missus wants a few quid, and you only want to give her a certain amount, there’s a negotiation that happens, that’s the way it works.”

If ever we’ve seen a cryptic comment which gives away effectively the nature of what is possibly going on, this could be it.

Does it boil down to cash? Maybe.

We have heard information, which was later put in doubt, as to Goldson’s demands, so we can’t be absolutely sure, but either way this situation doesn’t sound like it’s being solved any time soon.

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  1. settle JT it’s football he’s not a rangers fan just a employee he’s paid to play football and he has played more than anyone eles no matter what we think of him he’s played nearly every game very rarely injured and was a key part of a record breaking team he’s done ok by us… he’s said he wants to be part of 56 ,57, 58 so u have to take him at his word but if his wife and family will be happier back in England and want to leave then as a man that’s what he will do and rightly so you take care of your family as best you can…. Scotland can be a harsh place to live when you play for a old firm team some people don’t want there family growing up around it… i hope he stays but if he leaves for nothing so be it we move on no hard feelings…. watp …mon th gers

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