Sustained attack from troll on Rangers misses the point – AGAIN

Sustained attack from troll on Rangers misses the point – AGAIN
15th May 2021 Dens Park, Dundee, Scotland Scottish Championship Football, Premiership Playoff, Dundee FC versus Raith Rovers Former Scotland International Michael Stewart is part of the commentary team covering the match for the BBC PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK ActionPlus12287889 DavidxYoung

Michael Stewart’s sustained attack on Rangers at present with repeated complaints that Rangers are staying silent rather highlights the hypocrisy in the media at present and the continued embellishment of the facts in favour of badmouthing the club.

Let’s be clear – Michael Stewart didn’t have a word to say about Leigh Griffiths being investigated by the police, or indeed Torbett’s arrest, but the moment Rangers fans sing some naughty songs or bad tweets from 5 million years ago surface it’s the crime of the century and all those dirty h*ns must be hung.

We know in Stewart’s case he absolutely despises Rangers, ever since he was rejected as a trialist. His pettiness ever since has been bigger than his fragile ego, and he’s been badmouthing the club at every opportunity.

But like all his peers in the press, in broadcasting north of the border, he stays remarkably quiet when it comes to Celtic committing anything wrong.

Stewart argues that part of the problem is Rangers fans’ deflection. That we don’t want to deal with our own issues so turn on others to point out ‘they did it too’.

Well that’s false. No club is doing more to root out their internal and external weaknesses than Rangers. We run campaigns of inclusiveness, we ban fans who stain the club – what more does Stewart and others expect.

And in return? We expect an even playing field. All crimes held to account regardless of shirt colour, including our own.

We can take responsibility, and we have. Beyond us it’s a matter for police.

But Stewart is only interesting in flogging Rangers’ mistakes, no one else’s, and then criticising the club for not making a statement in a manner HE deems timely.

But never Celtic. No. They’re absolutely fine. Same with all the other clubs.

No wonder we’re sick of this country.

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  1. Stewart is a bitter wretch. I tend not to listen to him at all. We know about his chip on his shoulder regarding his rejection. Good fuck him. This country as you say is heading down the drain for lots of reasons .

  2. Like Sutton, the man’s words aren’t worth the time of day. He’s just as irrelevant as a journalist/pundit as he was as a footballer.

  3. he is an absolute prick his selective memory leads him down the path of damning Rangers for everything wrong in the world. he even tried to downplay the racist incident with Glenn Kammara, then tried to squirm out of what he said the man is a parasite. Your article about rangers now winning being the problem is 100% correct along with the fact he and others hope to detract the rangers for the title this year by creating as much drama as they can he and his colleges are scum of the earth

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