Stevie rejects Katic return and says ‘we’ll manage’

Stevie rejects Katic return and says ‘we’ll manage’
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Steven Gerrard has confirmed despite Filip Helander’s long term absence, not only is there no avenue for Niko Katic’s return early, but he wouldn’t do it even if he could.

The Swede is out for at least 3 months which rules out his 2021 for almost certain, and the earliest we’re likely to see him come back is January or February, but Stevie admitted that there is no clause to recall Katic early, and even if there was, he wouldn’t use it.

He said:

“No (avenue for Katic to return), even I had the opportunity bring Niko back I wouldn’t make that decision because that would be very selfish of me.”

He went on to state Katic needs minutes and he’s in the right place to do that. In truth that’s a very odd reason – if Katic was to return, there’s a certainty he’d play, and he’d play a lot, given the only two senior and established stoppers we now have are Goldson and Balogun.

Stevie went on to add that there’s a tonne of cover for that position, and the club will handle Helander’s absence.

If ever there was evidence Stevie has no interest in Katic, this would be it. Even down a defender, he has little urge to bring the Croat back to play in our shirt and not Split’s.

So there you have it.

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  1. I stated this before the Katic loan may be a mistake by SG , I suppose results will tell. Katic is proven in a Blue jersey , yes he’s still a little rushed and rough diamond but he can defend and is a threat on the opposition box. Let’s see

  2. There is no evidence to suggest Katic would play if he came back. He would still be behind Goldson, Balogun and Simpson for the very reason he was sent out and Gerrard has just confirmed. He needs games and lots of them. Bringing back Katic now would’ve been the worst possible move for Katic. Let him have his 6-12 months away playing at a high level, see how his injury holds up, then bring him back a better more confident player.

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