“Spygate” farce as Rangers’ war on DR gets uglier

“Spygate” farce as Rangers’ war on DR gets uglier
The scandal deepens.....

So this one has been doing the rounds recently, a story claiming the DR had St Johnstone install recording devices in the Rangers end yesterday in order to catch any naughty chants, words, language you name it.

The story goes that former captain Barry Ferguson tipped the visiting side off about this, and Rangers’ security went in and found and removed the devices.

In truth, after ‘Tweetgate’, it’s clear the rag will resort to the lowest of the low in terms of tactics to try to ‘get’ Rangers now, specifically our fans. After what that paper did over Heart and Hand, which backfired magnificently, the claws are coming out on both sides.

It is of course in fact illegal to install surveillance equipment without the ‘victim’s’ consent. The whole point of surveillance is to inform the target, legally, that they’re being watched, and to encourage them to behave.

It doesn’t always deter, and they’re not always aware, but the equipment must be visible.

From our understanding, this was concealed and only a tip off from Ferguson alerted the club to what the DR had done.

Is this plausible? It’s not implausible, put it that way. Rangers fans don’t need any encouragement to boycott the DR so it’s not like this was done to sabotage a good relationship.

But it is… just a story for now. Unless Barry confirms it, it’s just a very serious accusation for now.

But not an unbelievable one.


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  1. if this is true it’s very sad and sinister… things will only get worse for us all as the gov pushes towards another Indy ref… Rangers where in a dark place wen the first 1 took place we were still a easy target and had little credibility the fake bad and bizzar story’s poured out from every corner from every cockroach unchallenged from our club….Rangers today are a difrent animal altogether we have a British icon as a manager we are winning on the pitch dare we even say we are almost financially stable the cockroachs will have to work harder than ever to drag us into th mud….. The cockroachs golden age is in the rear veiw mirror and it’s killing them seeing Rangers big shiney golden badge in front of them….. WATP


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