“Sensational” – BBC joins unlikely Rangers love in

“Sensational” – BBC joins unlikely Rangers love in
A thrilled-looking Michael Stewart concedes how good Tav's goal was....

Whatever you think of James Tavernier’s defensive capabilities and general consistency, there’s no denying what the RB can offer up front and on the wings when he’s in form.

Last season from August-January he was literally one of Europe’s best players, with a frankly absurd level of goals and assists from his position, which caught the attention of a lot of clubs throughout the continent.

It tailed off, as the club’s performances did post-new year, and he has struggled a bit for form since, but that goal on Saturday is one of the most technically brilliant we’ve seen from a Rangers player for years, and while not as sexy and flashy as Kemar Roofe’s miracle strike last season, is nevertheless almost as good a goal purely for what he did.

Indeed, even the BBC went absolutely bonkers for this goal, that’s how good it was, as they dedicated a whole segment to covering it. Even Michael bitter Stewart looked reluctantly impressed and called it ‘a sensational goal’.

To hit a laces through it shot from the corner of the 18 yard box, which looked well over the ball halfway through its flight, and make it dip almost implausibly in the way it did, took an absolutely stunning quality of shot that would be impossible to repeat.

It struck us of Ronaldo, and his typical free kicks with their impressive dip, but even those didn’t ever look like they were headed for row z.

No, halfway through the flight of this one every supporter, to a man woman and child were expecting it to soar sky high and find its way to the fans up close and personal.

And yet, somehow, defying the laws of physics, it dipped right down and into the net.

The further genius of this goal was how it was too high for the goalie, but then dipped down just in time to go under the bar then comfortably into the net.

In truth, this wasn’t a physics abnormality. What really happened here was Tav connected in such a way that the forward spin on the ball, normally very difficult to achieve in this way, was pure, and the topspin was so powerful it dragged down and bent the ball just like ‘curling’ it with sidespin for a free kick and suchlike.

It’s not so much that it defied the laws of physics, it’s more that hitting it like that so purely in the heat of football is close to a one in a lifetime moment.

And Tav did it.

He’ll never score one like that again, and it won Rangers a massive 3 points.

Goal of the season? Definitely a contender.

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  1. Brilliant goal. It’ll be a long time before you see another like it. No. Wait a minute. I saw one exactly like it last night from Andros Townsend for Everton. Still brilliant though.

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