Scott Brown and that Glen Kamara ‘moment’…

Scott Brown and that Glen Kamara ‘moment’…
Remember this...?

A completely off-topic article for this afternoon, in light of the St Mirren Aberdeen clash currently going on.

There’s a lot of Rangers angles here with the Dons to say the least, with Ross McCrorie, David Bates and Lewis Ferguson, but it’s their captain Scott Brown we’re most intrigued with for this one, and the fact that in some way the former Celtic captain, for all the hate we had for him, Brown has completely faded from public view and is barely mentioned in Rangers circles.

Now, don’t get us wrong, what he did for Glen Kamara at Parkhead was a fine gesture, and extremely mature – in honesty we don’t really think James Tavernier would have done the same for a Celtic player, but that’s just guessing.

However, Brown knew he was leaving Celtic at the end of that season, and that gesture may have been a very calculated move to try to make his life thereafter a little easier as well as providing the racial support he was giving Kamara.

It was a move Celtic fans admired, and praised their ‘glorious’ captain for, and it was a move Rangers fans respected, and gave a nod of approval to.

Just reducing the aggro aimed at him from the blue side of the Old Firm enough to maybe make his post-Celtic life a bit easier.

We dunno, maybe we’re being cynical, but he’s not a stupid boy, and while we’re sure he did it mainly to give Kamara support, he quite possibly had one eye on his future after Celtic and making it a bit more clement.

Just a thought…

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  1. Sorry, I’ve no time for the Lego eater, and can’t wait for him to start against us for the sheep at lbrox, he has been a wage thief for the plastic paddies for the last 10 years

    The only time l felt sorry for him when the 15 year old ned at lbrox about his sister which is not banter and nor will it ever be accepted, although l hate Brown, l feel sorry for him due to his sister, but on the park, he is useless and can’t wait for Alfredo to burst the net

  2. Maybe. But Scott Brown has always been irrelevant to me. The most overrated player in Scotland ever who picked up a load of honours at a time when no other club was capable. I always said to Celtic fan friends who praised him that he should never be mentioned as a great Celtic captain and couldn’t be compared, in any way, to the likes of Billy McNeil, Danny McGrain, Paul McStay, and even Roy Aitken(who was also overrated). It would be like trying to make a case for James Tavernier being one of Rangers great captains.

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