Resignation twist as Rangers turn the screw in SPL

Resignation twist as Rangers turn the screw in SPL
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You’ll all have heard of the latest comedy from Parkhead, with brand-new and ‘Grand Master Raging Tim’ Dominic McKay quitting for ‘personal’ reasons.

A lifelong Celtic fan, this was his dream job, one he was willing to quit Scottish Rugby for to realise his destiny.

Only to dump the job two months later under ‘personal reasons’.

There’s a bunch of rumours, some funnier than others, and a lot of which allege Gordon Strachan has a role to play in this left field development.

Truth is we don’t much care. What we find amusing is just when they looked like they thought they were getting their way back above Rangers following a bright August, it’s all gone Pete Tong for them again.

With the SPL now settled in place after 5 matches and Rangers leading comfortably, all we can really do is point and laugh at events over there.

While we wouldn’t deny Rangers’ season has been far from smooth sailing, and we have some bits and bobs to deal with for sure, ultimately we’d take our position at present by a zillion miles over where Celtic are.

Resignations, 5th place in the league, wasting money – we might not have their cash to spend but we don’t chuck away what we do have and we still have by a distance the best squad in the SPL.

Have things swung Rangers’ way after a bit of a wobble?

Maybe, just maybe. And McKay’s quitting only helps that further.

The Barrier and Banner Years aren’t done just yet, lads….

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