Rangers might not be great, but Celtic Are Atrocious

Rangers might not be great, but Celtic Are Atrocious
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We’ve vented enough about how poor Rangers are, albeit we pointed out eleven performers for the shirt who certainly have done themselves proud this season as well.

But in this piece we’ll do something we don’t do much of on Ibrox Noise – talk about Celtic.

And how absolutely tragically ghastly they are, and how enjoyable and fortunate that is.

See, it would be hilarious enough if Celtic were this rotten with us being at our best – much like we could say about the bulk of last season, indeed.

But instead, we’re absolutely hopeless, playing dreadfully and having already dropped 4 points. And yet they’re STILL 4 points behind us.

Celtic spent the best part of the highest amount any Scottish team ever has in a single transfer window – £20M. And they’re 6th in the table having dropped a comical 8 points already.

Now this is not quite ‘let’s get our house in order before laughing at others’ – because frankly both sides of the Old Firm are poor and we’re self-reflective enough on Ibrox Noise to acknowledge that.

But end of the day, Celtic’s suffering is always going to make us giggle, because that is what we do.

They are a basket case, they’ve just wasted £20M on a pile of rubbish and they’re midtable behind Motherwell, for God’s sake.

They literally have the worst manager they’ve ever appointed, and for a club who put John Barnes in the hot seat that’s some achievement.

So yes, we will laugh, and to add insult to injury they’ve lost £30M man (if you believe that you’ll believe anything) Kyoto Disagreement to… well… injury.

All the press love-in over his performances died the day Leon Balogun shoved him in his back pocket, and then he got a knock.

So, yes, we know we’re not great right now, but we are top of the table among a pile of filth that is the SPL, and it’s the one crumb of comfort we have right now.

As bad as we are at present, the rest are way, way worse.

As for our green chums, they wasted every penny they got for Ajer, and sure, they have cash left over, but if they’re just going to waste what they have, they can be as rich as they like.

For now, yes, it’s not the best at Ibrox.

But elsewhere it’s way way worse and that’s why we’re top.

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