Rangers-hating leader gets his just reward…

Rangers-hating leader gets his just reward…
Mind the step....

It’s not really Rangers-related, but it involves the suffering from a Rangers-hating politician, so we thought we’d poke a little fun at the blessed Humza Yousaf’s expense. Seeing as he hates it so much…

Recently, Mr Yousaf was caught on camera speeding down a Holyrood corridor on some kind of scooter, before crashing to his pain on the floor.

The BBC’s Glenn Campbell frankly took the yellow stuff out of this and highlighted Mr Yousaf’s failed battle with gravity.

The journo was greeted with nothing but abuse from appalled SNP fans sympathetic to Yousaf’s plight who claimed the post was in dreadful taste and Campbell should be ashamed of himself.

Yousaf himself condemned this post in rage and argued that an accident like this is no laughing matter.

The SAME Yousaf who, in May 2018, posted a gif of Conservative referee Douglas Ross falling and laughed at it, inviting as many memes as possible.

Yes, indeed, this filthy hypocrisy, from someone who can dish it out but can’t take it, was a source of huge amusement. Both him falling, and his brass neck in condemning those laughing at it, all the while doing the same at a Tory.

We don’t care about politics on Ibrox Noise – we know it seems like we do, because we cover it a bit. We don’t care for SNP, Tory, Labour or the Monster Raving Looney Party, but we do care about politicians who attack and hurt us.

So a wee bit of karma isn’t a totally bad thing.

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  1. This incompetent bigoted arsehole is a typical Sturgeon phsycophant. Useless , pointless and insignificant. He disrespects us at every opportunity . I wish him no ill, but want him and his circus removed from Scotland’s future .

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