Rangers fans warned over Euro clash

Rangers fans warned over Euro clash
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Glen Kamara’s legal counsel, Mr Aamer Anwar has suggested there is a genuine risk to the safety and even life of Rangers fans in Prague, and we’d have to admit the man has a point.

With the toxicity still lingering over the depravity of what happened in March, the city of Prague literally despises both Rangers and black people, particularly Kamara.

And after the eventual ban on Ondrej Kudela and the borderline diplomatic incident that this whole affair led to, the racist Eastern Bloc of Europe is very much anti-Rangers, with Prague the epicentre of this.

We already know Kamara and Anwar have received death threats, disgracefully but not surprisingly, and the lawyer had this to say about it all:

“The abuse of Glen Kamara was followed by death threats and minute-by-minute text messages to him and myself. I fear for the safety of anyone travelling out to Prague – players and fans. Rangers players don’t have to tolerate any form of racism. Sooner or later someone is going to end up getting killed. The police are likely to do nothing because they are scared of these casuals. It will be dangerous for the players and the fans. I think it is a genuine risk to their lives. I’d be worried for fans travelling over if they don’t have tickets. It’s not worth risking themselves.”

While maybe a little sensational, given Kamara’s man has a small rep for attention-seeking, nevertheless it doesn’t make him wrong.

He went on:

“We have seen death threats and threats to come over to Scotland, threats of murder. This presents a prize opportunity. There will be a limited number of fans and they are liable to be picked off and targeted. A nice trip could turn into a tragedy. I suspect these ultras would be looking for Rangers fans and they wouldn’t stand a chance. The best thing they could do is stay safe and stay at home. The authorities really need to act tough this time. I would like to see a very strongly worded statement from Uefa giving a warning about the consequences of more trouble.”

There’s no question there’s a safety risk to Rangers and our fans over there, something which won’t be dealt with.

Is it better to stay at home? Yes, in truth, we’d say it probably is.

We will follow anywhere, we will follow on but not at the risk to personal safety.

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  1. I was in Prague 2 years ago and always intended to go back. But I honestly wouldn’t feel safe being someone from Glasgow outside of the football never mind walking around with a Rangers scarf round my neck. Be careful. I hope UEFA are watching.

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