Rangers fans have had a lot to say about Tav and Goldson

Rangers fans have had a lot to say about Tav and Goldson
Rangers v Aberdeen - Scottish Premiership - Ibrox Stadium Rangers James Tavernier left celebrates with Connor Goldson after Aberdeen goalkeeper Joe Lewis scores an own goal during the Scottish Premiership match at Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow. Picture date: Saturday May 15, 2021. Use subject to restrictions. Editorial use only, no commercial use without prior consent from rights holder. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xAndrewxMilliganx 59781979

As regulars will know we are absolutely not shy to take on the controversial topics, the issues other fan groups leave alone completely in favour of sticking with the positives.

That’s absolutely fine, and that’s just how other groups choose to conduct themselves. Ibrox Noise allow ourselves to confront the dirty topics, the ones that frankly our readers and audience appreciate us digging into.

So with that said, Connor Goldson and James Tavernier.

There’s been a lot said about these two over the window, how both were linked with moves out but as usual not a single concrete bid ever arrived. Only two bids have ever come in for the captain, and the highest value was £3M from West Brom some years ago.

But we must say thanks to their slow starts this season, couple with two extra factors, these two’s stock seem to have gone down with many fans in the past month or two.

1: Connor Goldson still hasn’t signed a new deal, and word is he’s had one on the table since Spring. Around about May, we’re told. What the delay could possibly be we have no idea. And the Katic developments haven’t helped…

2: The bid for Nathan Patterson hurt James Tavernier more than anything. Fans to a man woman and child responded to Everton’s interest by demanding the club sell the captain, not Patterson. Tavernier’s defending, an issue of massive chagrin with supporters, plus his slower form this calendar year, have seen fans lose a little bit of patience for his weaknesses, patience they had during 55. And with Patterson’s place under some threat, it’s Tav fans would rather see shipped out. Balogun’s brilliant Old Firm did not help his case either.

And this is the nub of the point. With the threat of losing Patterson, and Katic definitely gone (albeit on loan) fans have, in many places, been reassessing Goldson and Tavernier’s importance to the club, and their contributions.

Their untouchability definitely does them no favours, and there’s continued frustration that Goldson is immune to being dropped, while Tavernier’s own status remains just about as invulnerable.

Honestly? Goldson and Tav, last season till January, were outstanding. Both had immaculate seasons especially the captain, who was literally one of Europe’s most in-form players. His August to December was ridiculous. Goldson retained his consistency after Christmas and along with Hagi, McGregor and Davis was one of the few to still deliver even in the second half of the season.

But we cannot rest on those laurels – we must assess on how these guys are doing today and what their situations are.

And for as long as Stevie unshakably selects both players when fit, fans will always question that. Especially when results aren’t the best and one or both of them clearly cost the side goals.

And that’s about the shape of it.

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  1. Everyone knows SG and his coaches have the undroppables Tav Goldson and to a lesser intent Kent in every game. It’s alright when it all goes well, but you all know a fair amount of the Ibrox crowd are a hard pleased and very vocal with it. SG is the man so it’s his call , let’s see how it plays

  2. I still have faith in both players. No one can deny Tavernier stats last season were outstanding and there’s no reason he can’t get back to that level. And although Goldson has shown some slackness at times this season I think that accusation could be directed at many. Again I expect him to settle down and be a key player again.

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