Rangers bring out the block button

Rangers bring out the block button
He calls the shots these days....

With this morning’s story from the DR (and ET) about BT Sport’s alleged axe of Ibrox in favour of Parkhead on UEL match days, regardless of the truth or fabricated nature of what they’re saying, it does highlight how many enemies Rangers do have now, and how many fights we’re taking on.

The SFA and SPFL, the original gruesome twosome, started it all in 2012 with their shocking treatment of the club – true, Neil Doncaster DID back us up confirming us as the same club when few others did, and we do remember that, but pretty much everything else he and his cronies did was not designed to support us.

If you add the DR, the Sun, BBC, BT, SNP, media groups in general, Lennon and McCartney, cinch, and a whole host of other societies and organisations, there’s definitely been an escalation in the battles Rangers are having, on and off the pitch.

What the club must do is ensure the care with which it picks its battles. Few Rangers fans could have failed to notice the abuse our club took from all quarters over the past 10 years, and the sheer tone of anti-Rangers piffle in the media and press and from government quarters but that’s a lot of fights to take on and our board must show discretion which ones it thinks most prudent to tackle.

See, Rangers are now the kings, the ones on top, the ones at the summit of Scottish football and while we don’t call the shots of the game, we call the shots we take at Ibrox.

We choose who we allow into Ibrox, it is our home, but we have to show care in not going too mental with the block button because it’s the old adage – keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Rangers’ board, we imagine, is completely switched onto this, and is carefully choosing who to cooperate with and support, and who to blank and battle.

And as the flag unfurls today, the ones who chose to battle us are now suffering that because they’re excluded, unwanted.

No Andy Walker, no Chris McLaughlin, no BBC, no DR, no Sun.

Be careful how you treat Rangers, because we bite back these days.

As Ally said:

“There are probably one or two people out there enjoying it, maybe one or two people having a wee fly kick. I would suggest to them to give a right good kick just now because we will not be where we are for long.”

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