“Out of his depth – 3” Rangers players rated v Motherwell

“Out of his depth – 3” Rangers players rated v Motherwell
Rangers' best player today by a distance (Credit Rangers FC)

After a very, very poor 90 minutes again in which Rangers huffed and puffed, Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings for a rather forgettable Flag Day.


Just isn’t looking himself at all – carrying a niggle and did admit he was ready to retire last season but wanted to do so in front of fans. He’s miles off his best. 5


Really struggled again with the defensive side, isn’t getting in good crossing and aside his admittedly world class goal last match is producing very little this season to merit inclusion. Patterson must be fuming right now. 4


Looks distracted and clearly the contract thing is on his mind. Not assertive and has known for a long time he doesn’t need to earn his place. 4


Out of his depth and shouldn’t be playing for this club. 3


Looks unfocused and isn’t getting in the sterling crosses he normally used to. Bassey should be in. 4


Leggy and looking a little bit his age right now, but not being helped by having to cover defensive chores Ryan Jack used to gobble up. 4


Deeply uninterested and just lacks any hunger or grit at all. Simply isn’t trying. 4


Was the one bright performer till recently but even he struggled to put in his previous quality. 5


Hungry, and did the best he could. Got in some shots but not a useful dribble in sight. His limitations are starting to show up. 6


Another fairly strong showing from one of Rangers’ most productive forwards – dribbling, shooting, passing, it was all there from Roofe who keeps working hard to make space for others. 6


Energetic, quick, and working hard to make an impression, this was by a distance his best performance in the shirt. 100x more guts than Morelos right now. 7


Didn’t make any positive impact, sadly.


Stevie put out a poor team again today, sticking to his favouritism, and his post-match interview wasn’t much better. He’s not currently the polished boss he was last season and his weaknesses are starting to come to the fore like they did pre-55. We’re top of the table, but it’s by complete fortune at this point. 4

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  1. Whoever gave the nod to sign Simpson must be sacked, l say the same about Lundstram, as you say, we are only top because those below us are absolutely gash, you guys in IN, should be scouting for Rangers as you were instrumental in bringing Borna, use your powers to get us some better signings because what we have at the moment are utter gash, Fashion Jnr, looks like the only decent signing we have made, the rest are an absolute fucking joke, it was like watching a pub game in a pub league, no wonder the rest of the world say it’s a tin pot league because it is

  2. Even with the rotten mob once again being total shite we dropped the ball again had we won there would have been clear daylight towards 56 .I Can’t argue with any of that at all . It was total shite. We better get our shit sorted or we can kiss goodbye to CL and the finance we desperately need . Most of those you mention must he aware they are not delivering but there are those chosen few who don’t give a fuck . We all know who they are. Rangers fans definitely do. Over to you SG .

  3. I could possibly disagree with one or two of your markings and comments but why should I bother when the players can’t be arsed putting in the effort. I thought we started marginally better than in previous weeks but we put the tools away at half time. Once Motherwell scored we absolutely capitulated and were woeful in the last 30 minutes. And Simpson is a dud.

  4. Wasn’t at game but based on Noise,s ratings, we simply do not have a team capable of 56
    Pressure now on SG and his team to get this sorted now. Favouritism must stop and only play players who will give their all.Lets have Bassey, Patterson, Kelly etc Al out there. Most of all, please please get fit Ryan Jack, we are missing you so much.

  5. Gerrard said before the game fans are too quick to jump the gun on players,was mostly aimed at lundsrtum as he said he watched the game back and the fans are getting it wrong.
    Think most peoples view in yesterday’s game was altered when the equaliser went in. I fir one thought the first half was gers best 45 of the season all be it we should have scored a few more.
    It wasn’t to be and it’s sore because of celtic dropping points but do we really need to be so harsh on our players. Let’s just puck them up and go again.

  6. Tad harsh on mcgregor I think, he made 2 worldies imo but the rest is brutal but fair. Davis hasn’t been cutting the mustard of late & looks like he’s starting to show his age. Playing favourites will only damage squad moral. The favs know they don’t have to perform to start & the ones that have been performing when they get there chance don’t get to keep their place will be thinking whatss the point in being here. Think I’m singing to the choir when I say that. Few of the younger boys need an extended run they won’t let us down.

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