“Not buying it” – the harsh truth about new Rangers deal

“Not buying it” – the harsh truth about new Rangers deal
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As we know Glen Kamara has finally, yes FINALLY signed a new deal, but we’re going to be honest with you, we’re not buying it.

As in, while he clearly has signed a new deal, saying it was an ‘easy decision’ is just absolute BS and something his own previous comments contradict not to mention the near 8 week wait for him to scribble his name.

Sorry, as much as we want to believe he’s committed to this club, his previous actions don’t match his statement.

And before we go on, this isn’t a hate article on Kamara – regulars will know how highly we rate him. Or at least used to.

This calendar year he’s been well below his best, only lifting his level at the Euros where he was, of course, absolutely outstanding.

But anyone claiming he’s maintained that level for Rangers post-Euros is deluding themselves, and he failed to reject transfer interest from other teams during the window.

He’s signed this deal in part because no one bid enough. There was interest, but no one took it far enough to convince Rangers to part with him.

But he’s also done the right thing signing a deal to hike his value meaning when he does get his move, Rangers will get a decent fee for him.

If Glen was committed to the club, his performances would resemble that. Alfredo Morelos did the same thing, signed even though long term he was looking for the exit.

And in truth we don’t begrudge Kamara wanting an exit long term – because this deal will ensure Rangers get a good fee.

Even our own Kris Boyd said the same thing recently on Sky, talking about Callum Davidson signing a new deal at Saints – it was no real commitment to McDiarmid Park, but protected the Saints when a Championship side from England come calling, ensuring they get good compensation.

Kamara’s done the same, and fair play to him. But we don’t expect him to actually see it out.

And that is about that.

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  1. We got a fantastic deal signing Kamara , what a coup. Thanks mainly to Niel McCann . What ever we make from his next move is going to be one of the deals of the decade . But I agree he’s signed because no bid came in and Rangers hold the cards . So let’s hope he knuckles down to delivering and then if he wants he can go , but why he would given the fact we are going to the CL ???

  2. Got a bad feeling we will be lumbered with him for years because, as you say, not a single bid came in for him, Kamara is another I’ve never rated nor liked, and looking like the 50k player more and more every week, lazy, weak, not interested, not good enough to wear the jersey, l got slated on twitter for basically saying what you did yesterday when people were going mental as if they won the lottery, only few see Kamara for what he is

  3. Brandon Barker was on double his wages. No wonder his nose was out of joint. I don’t think the club or GK dealt with it well but hopefully it’ll turn out best for all parties.

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