McPake makes shock Griffiths decision to face Rangers

McPake makes shock Griffiths decision to face Rangers
Caught in the act.... (Credit Sky Sports)

In a ringing endorsement of Leigh Griffiths’ conduct, Dundee manager James McPake has bewilderingly included the on-loan Celtic striker in today’s squad to face the Famous.

That’s right, the man who maliciously kicked a burning flare back into a crowd of fans has every chance not only of appearing from the bench, but of starting today, with his manager not seeing fit to drop the under-fire (pun intended) hitman for his dreadful behaviour.

We fully expected to see Jason Cummings in his place today, and while the ‘Cumdog’ may still appear, it looks likely now that Griffiths will start.

Which… is completely bewildering.

Facing a police charge, under the spotlight from all quarters, Griffiths being selected to play would sum up so much that is wrong with Scottish football and its kid gloves treatment of him, revealing that while people with mental illness should be rightly supported, people who launch firebombs into crowds also seem to be as well.

Stand by your man? Is that McPake’s aim? To show loyalty to a striker of his calibre?

We’re not going to fib and say Griffiths can’t play, he’s a hell of a finisher and had potential to be a true great, but his character wrecked that.

And now that’s being ‘endorsed’ as the man is selected at least in Dundee’s squad.

Sums up this club we’d have to say.

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  1. do you think dundee can play him in one more game after he gets his ban then when the spl asks for a explanation to why he played they could say the e mail saying he was banned must of went into there spam folder lol

  2. We should have started McCrorie in goals today instead of Mclaughlin, l rate the kid higher, but other than that I’m fairly pleased with the starting eleven and pray the bheast of Bothwell gets it hard for the full 90 minutes, time to start battering these small teams with cricket scores

  3. If you get the chance, read what Boydy says about the kiddie fiddler in the red top Sun and he gets it spot on, Griffiths, 17 goals in 3 seasons, the guy is finished, couldn’t lace alfie’s boots

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