Kamara hints at Rangers move as he evades contract offer

Kamara hints at Rangers move as he evades contract offer
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Glen Kamara has sidestepped talk on his contract situation and admitted there’s interest in him.

The midfielder, who was a wanted man this summer without any concrete bids arriving, was confirmed by Gerrard as being offered a ‘really strong contract’ well over a month ago, but nothing was signed.

And now Kamara has vaguely addressed it by saying talks are ‘ongoing’ but failed completely to hint at any resolution on his part with a mere ‘let’s see’.

This points to two things:

Either Kamara is absolutely not interested in a new deal at Rangers and seeks the right move away when it surfaces, or he’s holding the club to ransom and the ‘really strong contract’ still isn’t enough to make him sign.

So many media outlets have claimed his signature is imminent, but the fact is once the offer is made, that’s based on negotiation and what the club is willing to pay.

If Kamara, over a month on from being given a ‘really strong offer’, hasn’t accepted that offer, chances are he won’t.

To remind you of what Stevie said:

“There’s a real strong contract offer on the table for Glen, so the speed at which this happens is totally up to Glen – the ball is firmly in his court. The offer from the club is really good, his advisers are happy with the offer, so now it is totally down to Glen. So the question that you’ve just asked me should really go in Glen’s direction because we are ready and waiting and hoping that it’s done as soon as possible.”

In short, the only one holding this up, according to Stevie, is Kamara himself. Gerrard put the Fin on the spot over a month ago, and there’s been no response except silence and now this vague deflection.

Unless Stevie is fibbing and there’s more to it than Kamara’s own agency, chances are the Fin is waiting on either an even STRONGER offer, or a move.

Or to run his deal down. That’s about the shape of it.

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