Griffiths shocker is a new low for Scottish football

Griffiths shocker is a new low for Scottish football
Caught in the act.... (Credit Sky Sports)

The Leigh Griffiths stunner has us absolutely perplexed today. Not only do the police let him away with grooming under age girls online, but now an apology for trying to burn down half a football stadium is enough too?

Let’s be clear, the statement he and Dundee released is a complete, absolute, and total disgrace, continuing the modern pathetic trend of justifying disgraceful conduct with ‘reasoning’ when anyone can tell it was a rush of blood to the head.

There is no defence for kicking a flare aggressively into a crowd, an act that could easily scald someone for life. 100% – there’s simply nothing Griffiths can say that in any way defends this act or gives a reason for it.

He angrily, recklessly, carelessly, dangerously and some might argue maliciously kicked a burning rod into a group of people where he could have done some massive damage to them.

This is one occasion we will absolutely not in any way support this man, who we’ve gently defended in the past on grounds of mental ill health.

This time it’s clear he was a disgrace, and anywhere else the throwing of fire onto another person is a criminal offence and an apology in court isn’t going to cut it.

But Griffiths appears to be getting away with it, because he’s a footballer.

The media too, have been extremely gentle on this, with little coverage about it – only the Sun even mentioned it on their back page and it was just a wee column… DR of course completely ignored it.

There are claims there may be an SFA probe, which sums this up. Not a criminal probe for, you know, a man launching a firebomb into a crowd of people, no, just an SFA probe.

Only in Scotland.

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  1. The bheast of Bothwell did actually hit a fan and that fan has already contacted police Scotland and will find out tomorrow if anything more comes of it but the fan is wanting him charged, it’s time this kiddie fiddler got what’s due to him, no wonder Glasgow Ceptic wanted rid, his career is deid now and long overdue

  2. any Rangers player did tht it would be attempted genocide we would of heard the snp take on it and th usual rally call to police scotlsnd.. it would b on every front page and every Scottish news channel… let’s face it no one cares because he’s nothing more than a stain on society and everybody already knows it plus how would u manage to fit Rangers in to that headline ? …. every ground he goes to he will get the same one word chant aimed at him and rightly so….

  3. He is a ned is Griffiths , grooms young kids, ties flags round Ibrox goal post , hoofs a smoke bomb into the crowd with culpable and reckless conduct” which probably means with Intent.

    Jail time.

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